Drive a Lamborghini to the Lamborghini Factory in Bolognese, Italy

Much like wine enthusiasts like wine tours, and liquor drinkers like distilleries, as someone who loves supercars, you must like visiting the notable supercar factories located throughout Europe. Upon renting your Lamborghini, it only makes sense to jet set it directly to its birthplace: Bolognese, Italy. There, the Lamborghini Museum will welcome you in, shedding light on the years behind the piece of art you are able to rent as a supercar today.

Picking it up in the UK first, what is the best way to get there? Especially using routes that make your supercar even more fun? Here are our recommendations along the way:

  1. From Dover to Dijon:

Aim to drive through Calais, Reims, and Troyes as you head out of the UK, following the signs for the major highways that will enable you to really explore the engine of the vehicle. The next morning, take off for Geneva, pausing at Courmayeur for the evening. The roads between these cities will give you plenty of room to really get the engine moving while flying past some of Europe’s most notable landmarks and mountain ranges.

  1. From Courmayeur to Pienza:

Now, it’s time to enjoy the Swiss Alps, where the mountainous roads will challenge your driving ability while really giving the sports cars some room to shine. Try the different mountain passes that pop up along the way for a fun detour at 8,000 feet or more above sea level.

  1. Down Through Italy:

Finally, make your way down Italy, considering detours to Rome, Venice, Florence, and more, ending at your Lamborghini Museum. 

Lamborghini Museum

At the Lamborghini Museum, learn about the beginnings with Ferruccio and his early successes: 350 GT and Miura. Follow the early models from then and now, as well as the race car addition of the production line. Learn about the Lamborghini jewels, the new Lamborghini Urus, as well as the passion and magic that has come together at Sant’Agat Bolognese, right in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley.

Additionally, tour the factory, and spend all day in the museum, taking part in live simulations and demonstrations that bring you close to the production of this world-class vehicle. If you go soon, enjoy the “Production Line Tour: See How They’re Built,” learning about the skillful craftsmanship and advanced technology leveraged in their development.

Classic Parade Supercar Hire

Here at Classic Parade Supercar Hire, we make it easy for you to drive a Lamborghini right off of our lot and into the sunset, tearing up European roads while you take in thousands of years of history. Making it relatively easy to get to Italy quickly from the UK, follow our recommendations for making a true road trip out of the whole experience, culminating at the one and only Lamborghini Factory.

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