Classic Volvo P1800S vs. Ford Capri 3.0 GT

Reputed for reliability and identified as a tough car, Volvo P1800S was a step forward for a grand design for the legend carmakers. This supercar was built for design fanatics.

The supercar Ford Capri 3.0 GT was developed to be affordable by many admirers, had a fleet of supercars of different country specifications. The supercar achieved its vision in sales.

Volvo P1800S designed by Italians and manufactured by Swedish. It was admired as comfortable and adored for forgiveness in toughest roads.
Ford Capri is an American concept for a European “Pony Car”, built in the United Kingdom and West Germany. The model Ford Capri was appreciated for performance but not for comfort. The quad headlamps are an introduction of Capri.

Volvo P1800S and Ford Capri 3.0GT both sports coupes, with fixed heads, has two seats in the front and two in the back to accommodate 4 passengers. the cabins are spacious.

Ford Capri 3.0GT is a fastback mid-size sports car. Developed in Halewood plant UK and cologne plant in West Germany, the car was launched in Brussels Motor show 1969.

Ford Capri 3.0 GT is powered by the 3.0lt Ford zodiac Essex V6 engine with 138hp front mounted engine. Power generation is 128bhp@5200rpm and the torque is 173lb-ft@3000rpm. The technology was similar to Ford Cortina, the steering was rack and pinion version.

Volvo P1800S has a 1.8lt 4 cylinder engine the supercar speeds at 107mph at its maximum generates 100hp. The 4 cylinder 2 valves per cylinder engine powers rear wheels, with 96bhp@5800rpm and a torque of 103lb-ft@3800rpm. The car sprints to 0-60mph in 11.9 seconds the maximum speed is 107mph.

The weight of Ford Capri 3.0GT is 1105kg (kerb) where the Volvo P1800S weights 1070kg.

The supercar Ford Capri 3.0 GT has a 4-speed manual transmission system which powers rear wheels. Volvo P1800S also with 4 manual transmissions
with all forward gears.

In Ford Capri 3.0GT a live axle was employed by the rear suspension, the axle was supported by leaf springs and radius rods. The same with Volvo P1800S both easy to handle and with a smoother stop due to this.

The Volvo P1800S body is all steel and hard to repair. Water can seep through the vents and leak into the gas tank. Leather is an option for upholstery and replacing the cabin covers is not cheap. Also, the speedometer and other gauges cannot open for repairs.
The type of body material of Ford Capri is with no exception. The Sixties beauties are delicate to look after with age.

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